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These four women started a Reform congregation in Madrid

This Reform synagogue started by women is shaking up Jewish life in Madrid.

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1 City 5 Ways: Barcelona

Barcelona may be known for its beaches and the Sagrada Família but there is much more to this Mediterranean metropolis, the capital of Catalonia. Fiercely proud of its culture and heritage the city is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern—with a vibrant art and music scene and nightlife to indulge your inner night owl like no place else. Mostly walkable but also with excellent public transport, bicycle lanes, and affordable taxis, Barcelona is made for sightseeing by day and ‘bona vida’—wine-and-tapas-fueled time with family and friends—by night.

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What Celebration Doughnuts Mean to Spain

During the annual Valencian festival of La Fallas, buñuelos are everywhere.

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BBC - Travel - The olive oil the Romans loved

The oil produced from olive trees in Spain’s Castellón Province was once consumed by Roman soldiers.

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Holocaust Survivor Annette Cabelli Shares Her Stories—in Ladino ...

Annette Cabelli, a 92-year-old Sephardic survivor from Greece, shares her memories with young audiences across Europe

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The Atlantic

Welcome, Please Remove Your Shoes

Around the World, the Slippers Are a Symbol of Home.

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Hadassah magazine

A Medieval Haggadah’s Long Journey Home

Instead, I am here to understand how this bastion of Christian thought came to house a major relic of Jewish history.

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The Return of Soviet Cuisine

Zavtrak turista, or "tourist breakfast," is resurfacing thanks to a trend of culinary Soviet nostalgia

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National Public Radio

Marzipan, The Sweet Taste Of The Holidays In Madrid : The Salt : NPR

There are three constants during the holiday season in Madrid: tourists ogling light-bedecked thoroughfares; supermarket aisles stuffed with seasonal treats like turrón and polvorón, the Spanish shortbread. And, everywhere, marzipan.

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BBC - Travel - The Spanish sweet perfected by nuns

One of the highlights of the Christmas season in Spain is the proliferation of turrón, a nougat typically made from honey, sugar and nuts.

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My New Breakfast Obsession Is This Savory Toast From Spain

Step into any café on the Spanish part of the Iberian Peninsula and you are bound to find pan con tomate as one of the breakfast choices. It’s a four-ingredient dish involving toasted bread, olive oil, fresh tomato pulp, and salt. In Spain, pan con tomate is as ubiquitous as it is popular and affordable.

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Ukraine's Linyvi Varenyky Is the Perfect Lazy Breakfast | Extra Crispy

“If you have any evil or mean thoughts while preparing a ritual dish it will not come out well.”

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The Writer

A book by its cover

How to advocate for your cover design without infuriating everyone in the process.

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The Billfold

Writing a Book Won’t Make You Rich


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The Wall Street Journal

Take Your Cues On What to Eat From Expat Novelists - Expat - WSJ

From white asparagus to dumplings, make your expat eating authentic.